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Mesozoic - Paleozoic (zinc ores)
66 - 540 MYA
Archean (iron ores)
2.5 - 4 BYA

100% Iron Ore
Galvanized in zinc
Modern air is often transported around a building through steel—namely, spiral ducts designed for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC). These rigid tubes are made of spirally rolled sheet metal, usually galvanized steel, using machines called, unsurprisingly, tubeformers.

Duct form follows HVAC function: corrugated surfaces (“spirals”) increase stiffness while reducing duct wall thickness, while a round profile offers fewer “duct-to-duct connections” than rectangular ducts, minimizing air leakage.

Zinc thickness depends on the corrosiveness of the environment it is installed in (coastal or offshore sites with high salinity, or industrial areas with high humidity and "aggressively" polluted atmospheres lose at least 40 times more zinc thickness than a "low-corrosive" interior with A/C. The steel duct therefore does not just convey air; their design is a register of the very atmospheric conditions it tries to filter out.

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Mine iron ore ︎︎︎ melt iron ore and coke into molten steel ︎︎︎ heat spool of steel and pass through series of grooved rollers ︎︎︎ coat with layer of zinc ︎︎︎ steel coil processed into slit coils (narrower coils cut from master coil) ︎︎︎ flatten ︎︎︎ trim in edge trimmer ︎︎︎ Forming: pass strip through tubeformer, moving it in a circular motion to form a spiral and welding ends together ︎︎︎ cut to desired length ︎︎︎ pack and ship