WELCOME TO THE PLANETARY HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE ︎︎︎ TO FIND A PRODUCT, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ON THE HOME PAGE ︎︎︎ The home improvement store is a geological site on demand. Rockwool, Sheetrock, Quikcrete. Materials are processed into products, packaged, stockpiled, stacked, and sold across global DIY supply-chains, from Bauhaus to OBI and Hornbach. Basalt, gypsum, limestone. Material economies are severed from mineral entanglements with millennia of rock, fossil, plant, and stone. The store is the modern quarry. It takes 1 day to install drywall; it takes 299 million years to form gypsum. ︎︎ TO FIND A PRODUCT, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ︎︎︎

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How-To Video is a palindrome film loop set on a worktable where two DIY-ers gather the tools needed for various home improvement projects amidst a milieu of building products, tutorials, and geological origins. Working its way back through time, the film sheds light on the how-to of finishing, framing, plumbing, insulating, excavating, and forward again.

How-to Video, 8:14 minutes, video projection onto worktable, 2021, produced by Christine Giorgio and narrated by Sylvia Milo.