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Irena Lehkoživová
Barbora Špičáková

This project has been partially funded by the Rhode Island School of Design, with thanks to Carl Lostritto and graduate assistants Sarah Chriss, Eleanor Cody, Remi Qiu (RISD Architecture) and Carrie Li (Rice Architecture).

Recordings for the soundscape were gathered in situ by the composer, with additional samples performed by Katinka Kleijn, Levy Lorenzo, Josh Modney, and Joshua Rubin of the International Contemporary Ensemble. Narration voiced by Sylvia Milo. Extraction samples were sourced from https://www.soundsofchanges.eu and used in compliance with Creative Commons license 4.0.

We would like to also thank Jan Vincenec (art re use), Maria Khositashvili, Tomáš Mázdra (Force Production), Dan Samek, and Jakob Al-Ali.