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Proterozoic & Archean Eons
540 MYA - 4 BYA

100% Iron ore
Galvanized in zinc

From the deep-time of the Archean Eon to the inside of a Holocene-epoch furnace, iron may be defined by "its relationship to deep heat. But above the ground, rolled into roof panels, it brings cool shade and shelter. The steel is galvanized in zinc, a process of dip-coating that bathes the steel in a nearly pure zinc solution to create a protective, “sacrificial” surface that prevents corrosion of the underlying material.

It is the teamwork of steel and zinc that makes galvanized steel so resilient and versatile. In this manufacturing process, two metals make new alloys/allies.

For other metal products, see Steel Stud, Galvanized Pipe, and Spiral HVAC Duct.

Mine iron ore ︎︎︎ convert iron to steel in open hearth furnace ︎︎︎ flatten steel ︎︎︎ rollforming: press flat piece of metal into 3D corrugated patterns using rollers in cold roll forming process ︎︎︎ shear off finished sheet ︎︎︎ mate sheets ︎︎︎ pack and ship