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75x40x4000 m

Proterozoic & Archean Eons
540 MYA - 4 BYA

Steel from iron ore and coal
Coated with zinc
The making of steel out of iron relies on the presence of oxygen and the use of a type of coal known as coke to melt the ore at 1700°C. While iron has been present within the earth since the planet’s origins, coal began forming only 2 billion years later, after the Great Oxygenation event that occurred in the Neoarchean Era, caused by the photosynthesis-induced saturation of the earth’s atmosphere with dioxygen. By contrast, the hundred-year material lifespan of a steel stud seems like the blink of an eye.

Pour molten steel into slabs ︎︎︎ reduce to thinner strips ("hot band") ︎︎︎ reduce hot band to "cold rolled steel" ︎︎︎ add protective coating in galvanization process ︎︎︎ final product = coil ︎︎︎ slit coils into widths (on a machine) to desired final dimensions ︎︎︎ form into different shapes through series of dies