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Cenozoic Era (river sand)
Present - 66 MYA

Portland cement
Entrained air

1:6 cement-aggregate ratio
0:5 water-cement ratio

The concrete masonry unit (CMU) is, like concrete, an emblem of architectural modernity. Concrete is geologically traced back to limestone, which comprises around 15% of the Earth's sedimentary crust. It is surface mined and crushed into powder for cement, and accelerates the curing of concrete. Rock can harden other rocks.

While ubiquitous and durable, concrete production is known for its exorbitant carbon dioxide emissions, mainly from high heat requirements during cement production. Like brick, concrete blocks are modular. They can be saved, repurposed or recycled as aggregate for new construction.

For other cement-based products, see Fiber Cement Board and Cement.

Mix sand, aggregate, cement and water using a stationAry mixer and a planetary(!) mixer ︎︎︎ Convey concrete into block machine ︎︎︎ Mold and compact concrete ︎︎︎ Convey compacted blocks into curing rack ︎︎︎ Cure blocks in autoclave kiln for 24h ︎︎︎ Roll cured blocks out onto conveyor ︎︎︎ Pass blocks between a cuber to stack blocks into cubes ︎︎︎ load forklift ︎︎︎ pack and ship