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Holocene - Quaternary  Present - 3 MYA

50-60%  Silica (sand)
20-30%  Alumina (clay)
5%      Lime
7%      Iron oxide
<1%     Magnesia
A brick is an artifact of Anthropocene geology: an artificial stone derived from the surface minerals of weathered igneous rocks. It takes 200-400 years for riverbanks for soil to form. When low-strength mud is dried under the sun or in a kiln, clay becomes a metamorphic rock with highly compressive strength. While the projected life cycle fo a brick house is 35-50 years, bricks themselves can last centuries.

Mine surface clays & shale ︎︎︎ store in large weatherproof area ︎︎︎ blend raw clays to create uniformity and control color ︎︎︎ machine-process and screen to reduce particle size ︎︎︎ tempering: add water to clay in mill to create plastic clay mass ︎︎︎ forming: extrude, mold, or press into brick shape ︎︎︎ dry wet brick in drying chamber ︎︎︎ load kiln car ︎︎︎ fire brick ︎︎︎ cool brick ︎︎︎ unload kiln car ︎︎︎ sort and package bricks ︎︎︎ pack and ship