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100 YA

97% Softwoods (douglas fir, white fir, pine)  or Hardwoods (birch, oak, maple)
1.8 % resin
1.1% extender
0.1% NaOH catalyst
Plywood, the ultimate DIY material, is a vestige of the Devonian Period. The ancestors of today’s softwood timber began growing some 400 million years ago. The production of the material involves quite literally peeling tree logs (not unlike potatoes) into thin veneers, which are then seasoned, glued, and pressed into anthropo-convenient sheet form with alternating grains.

Turning ringed trunks into rigid panels is an act of industrial abstraction that exemplifies the mass-manufacturing machine logics of the Holocene.

For other wood products, see OSB, Particle Board, and Dimensional Lumber.

Grow trees ︎︎︎ fell trees ︎︎︎ debark logs ︎︎︎ buck logs (circular saw cuts pieces into predetermined lengths) ︎︎︎ heat logs ︎︎︎ peel logs into veneers using a lathe ︎︎︎ seasoning: dry veneers ︎︎︎ produce resins, extenders, and catalysts ︎︎︎ lay up veneer and spread glue ︎︎︎ press plywood ︎︎︎ cut and plane pieces to final dimensions ︎︎︎ finish / sand pieces ︎︎︎ pack and ship