WELCOME TO THE PLANETARY HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE ︎︎︎ TO FIND A PRODUCT, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ON THE HOME PAGE ︎︎︎ The home improvement store is a geological site on demand. Rockwool, Sheetrock, Quikcrete. Materials are processed into products, packaged, stockpiled, stacked, and sold across global DIY supply-chains, from Bauhaus to OBI and Hornbach. Basalt, gypsum, limestone. Material economies are severed from mineral entanglements with millennia of rock, fossil, plant, and stone. The store is the modern quarry. It takes 1 day to install drywall; it takes 299 million years to form gypsum. ︎︎ TO FIND A PRODUCT, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN ︎︎︎

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Mesozoic, 50MYA
Permian, 300MYA
Silurian, 445 MYA

70-90%  calcium sulfate (gypsum)
10%     cellulose
<1%     other
            paper fibers
            mica crystal
            wax emulsion
            anti-mildew agents

Drywall, also known as plasterboard, is an interior wall or ceiling panel consisting of two paper boards sandwiching a powdery white mineral called gypsum. While drywall appears light and clean, gypsum is extraction-heavy and extremely dusty as a mined rock. In its powdery state, the water-soluble soft sulfate can also be used to amend soils. In this sense, rock is reabsorbed by the earth.

It takes 1 day to install drywall; it takes 299 million years to form gypsum. If undamaged by water, mold, or termites, drywall lasts 30 to 70 years.

Crush gypsum ︎︎︎ heat or calcine crushed gypsum to dehydrate feedstock ︎︎︎ mix with water and additives to form slurry ︎︎︎ feed between layers of recycled paper on long board machine ︎︎︎ (calcium sulfate recrystallizes/rehydrates and becomes chemically and mechanically bonded to core) ︎︎︎ cut board to length ︎︎︎ dry to remove moisture ︎︎︎ package ︎︎︎ pack and ship